Why Sport Science?

We believe in trying to create an environment that optimizes the training experience for all our participants, whether or not they are elite athletes.

With that being said, our athletes often face unique challenges due to the  intensity of their practice, competition, and training schedules. 

Not only do we strive to prepare athletes for the grind of the season ahead, through regular physical training sessions, as well as semi-regular mental training and sport nutrition sessions, but we are increasingly mindful of the importance of rest and recovery to ensure athletes are at their best. 

Our Sport Science Program is therefore focused on: 

  • Nutrition for Sport
  • Mental Performance
  • The Recovery Process
  • Key Performance Indicators

Nutrition for Sport

  • The Three Macronutrients
  • Pre-game and Pre-exercise Nutrition
  • Post-game and Post-exercise Nutrition
  • Understanding What You Are Consuming
  • Understanding the Risks of Supplement Use

Mental Performance

  • Setting Smarter Goals
  • Improving Confidence
  • Improving Preparation
  • Dealing with Adversity
  • Managing Performance Anxiety 
  • Optimizing Sleep and Recovery
  • The Power of Using Marginal Gains

The Recovery Process