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At a recent staff meeting, as so often happens, the topic turned to books - what we are reading, what we are learning, 

and how we can apply it in our own lives but also here at Synergy.

Atomic Habits by James Clear is what we talked about on this day. It offers guidance on how to alter your habits for the better, 

by rewarding your good ones and creating tension for your bad ones.

Clear articulates the importance of sustainable habits using the Four Laws of Behavior Change:

  1.  Make it Obvious
  2.  Make it Attractive
  3.  Make it Easy
  4.  Make it Satisfying

Key points within this framework: 

  • Environmental design: make good habits easier; make good habits harder
  • Habit stacking: pairing a new habit with an old one     
e.g. “After I pour my coffee, I will meditate for one minute”
  • Temptation bundling: pair an action you want to do with an action you have to do
     e.g. “As I do my grocery shopping, I will listen to an audiobook”
  • Create a low-friction environment for good habits (make them easier) 
  • Create a high-friction environment for bad habits (make them harder)
                   e.g. gym bag packed by the door vs. paying in cash for impulse purchases
  • The feeling of making progress is deeply satisfying, so use visual progress trackers
                 e.g. put a check mark on the calendar each day you perform a good habit



Atomic Habits is an easy read that will help you better recognize and design around your habits. You should read it.